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Antidumping Scam Alert

Did You Receive an Email Offering a “Solution” to Avoid Antidumping Duties?

Sample text of scam email:

Dear purchasing manager,

We have been exporting for many years from China, especially USA and Canada.  If you need this product, please tell me, so I can quote you. 

Please do not worry about the dumping duties.  This order will be operated through the intermediary trade.  We will send the goods to a third country; the forwarder will repack our goods for export with other company title from that third country.  It is a legit business.

Contact Us,

Sales Representative


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Construction Kick Off for Laredo’s Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry



                                                                                                                                           News Release

U.S. General Services Administration


       For Immediate Release                                                                        Contact: Tina Jaegerman
August 18, 2015


GSA, DHS/CBP, Mayor of Laredo and Congressman Cuellar Announce Construction Kick Off for Laredo’s Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry

LAREDO, Texas – Today, U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Regional Administrator Sylvia Hernandez and Department of Homeland Security/Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Director of Field Operations David Higgerson joined Congressman Henry Cuellar and Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz to announce the start of construction for the expansion and modernization of the Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry located at the southern terminus of I-35 in Laredo, Texas.

The Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry project will include the construction of a new bus and automobile inspection facility.  The port currently experiences heavy traffic with periods of congestion and is in critical need of additional space and updated facilities. The project is expected to significantly ease vehicular traffic as well as upgrade the functionality of the facility to better assist CBP in fulfilling its mission to safeguard America’s borders.  The port will remain fully operational throughout the construction period.

GSA Regional Administrator Sylvia Hernandez said:

“Laredo is a top priority for GSA and represents our vision to make smart, strategic decisions with our agency partners and stakeholders while spurring economic development in local communities.  This project will ease the traffic for those who use the crossing and also help CBP in performing their mission to safeguard America’s borders.”

CBP Director of Field Operations David Higgerson said:

“We are extremely excited and pleased to see these much needed updates to our bus processing facility at Lincoln-Juarez Bridge and the improvements to pedestrian processing at Gateway to the Americas Bridge come to fruition,” said Director, Field Operations David P. Higgerson, Laredo Field Office. “The ever-growing traffic volumes have far exceeded the limits of the present facilities and we will work hand in glove with our stakeholder partners at the federal, state and local levels to help facilitate traffic flow during the construction. We look forward to seeing and utilizing the finished facilities.”

Congressman Henry Cuellar said:

“This is an enormous federal investment in our community. Our international bridges serve several great purposes: they secure Laredo’s position as a North American leader in trade, they increase tourism in our communities and they’re also an important medium for connecting families across the border,” Congressman Cuellar said. “Today’s historic announcement means that these overdue renovations to Bridge II will greatly reduce travel time for international shoppers and travelers who contribute millions of dollars annually to our economy.


“I thank David Higgerson, CBP Director of Field Operations for the Laredo Field Office, and Sylvia Hernandez, GSA Regional Administrator, for their immeasurable work in obtaining a better blueprint on the format of the construction to allow for an improved flow of pedestrians and noncommercial vehicles. In addition, we will work with the City of Laredo, the City of Nuevo Laredo, CBP, Mexican Customs and the private sector to minimize disruption to the flow of traffic and surrounding businesses during construction.”

City of Laredo Mayor Saenz said: 

“Laredo has always been a trade and port crossing community, which leads to the volume of traffic that currently overwhelms the facilities we have here at Bridge II.  The investment to ease traffic congestion and more importantly, allow U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers to continue to fulfill their mission will be very welcome here at these two bridges,” said City of Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz.  “As one of the nation’s busiest pedestrian, automobile and bus traffic border crossings, these upgrades to Bridge II will help to not only create a more efficient and secure processing of people into the United States, but also, help ensure that people will not have to be exposed to the elements for an undue amount of time.  These upgrades will finally allow them to wait humanely, in a protected area, while CBP officers conduct the necessary inspections. I have to thank Congressman Cuellar for his work to make this project a reality, working to fund this project as a priority for GSA, this community and those who use the Laredo Bridge System daily.  Additionally, I applaud the efforts of GSA to make these improvements for safety and wellness of the CBP officers who every day process hundreds at these two Laredo Port of Entry crossings,” he concluded.

Project Facts:

  • In 2014 the Juárez-Lincoln Port of Entry processed 41,230 buses, 1,020,567 bus passengers and 3,911,698 automobiles making it the busiest bus and fourth busiest automobile port in the nation.
  • Since 1995 bus traffic has increased 94.6% and bus passengers by 226.9%.
  • 3% of all bus passengers entering the US (Nationwide) do so at the Juárez-Lincoln Port of Entry.
  • The project will create a Vehicle Processing Building to include:


  • Individual bus unload and reload stalls with canopies
  • Passenger inspection lanes
  • Luggage inspection area
  • Bus inspection area
  • I-94 Permiso processing area
  • CBP administrative support areas
  • Space for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)
  • The projects will improve the amount of time and resources required to process automobiles and buses while improving the safety and security for the public and Customs and Border Protection Officers, as well as the experience for all users of the port.
  • Estimated Project Timeline
    • Construction Start: September 2015
    • Construction Period: 5 years
    • Construction Completion: Spring 2018
  • The project is committed to sustainable design and will achieve LEED Gold certification.




The mission of GSA is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people.



Seminar: What Every Customs Broker & Importer must know about FDA Fundamentals


What every Custom Broker & Importer must know about FDA fundamentals

Wedesney, May 13, 2015
At LCC, De La Garza Bldg, ITIA Room 101 Laredo, Texas 78041
Seating is limited, so please pre-register.

The Laredo Licensed U.S. Customs Brokers Association invites you to its 2015 International Trade & Customs Seminar Series

Speakers: Sylvia E. Gaytan, Manuel Lopez, Robyn James, Celina Guardiola, Alexander Lopez, Gonzalez DIO.

This seminar is open to Members & Non-Members
Members – $65.00 per person.
Non-Members – $90.00 per person.
Students – $10.00 *Must show valid student ID.

Register here

U.S. Department of Commerce suspends ADD/CVD duties of Mexican sugar.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report
The Department of Commerce announced Dec. 19 that it has finalized agreements with the government of Mexico and Mexican sugar exporters to suspend its antidumping and countervailing duty investigations of Mexican sugar. The finalized deals incorporate several changes from the draft suspension agreements that Commerce initialed on Oct. 27, including a revised definition of refined sugar and adjustments to the reference price.
The agreements immediately suspend the AD and CV investigations, allow Mexican sugar to enter the U.S. market free of AD/CV duties, and create mechanisms to ensure that imports of Mexican sugar do not injure the U.S. sugar industry while enabling U.S. sugar consumption needs to be met. Highlights of the agreements include the following.
– The CV agreement contains provisions to prevent an oversupply of sugar in the U.S. market. Specifically, the DOC will calculate an export limit for Mexico based on information it obtains from the U.S. Department of Agriculture about the U.S. needs for sugar in a given year. The agreement will also prevent imports from being concentrated during certain times of the year and will limit the amount of refined sugar that may enter the U.S. market from Mexico.
– Mexico’s export limit is set at 100% of U.S. needs after accounting for U.S. production and imports from tariff-rate quota countries.
– The government of Mexico will allocate the amount of sugar that each Mexican sugar producer/exporter can export to the United States. Sugar from Mexico will not be able to enter the U.S. if it is not accompanied by an export license.
– The AD agreement establishes reference prices to guard against undercutting or suppression of U.S. prices, specifically $0.26 per pound by dry weight commercial value for refined sugar and $0.2225 per pound by dry weight commercial value for all other sugar.
– For purposes of these agreements, “refined sugar” is defined as sugar with a polarity of 99.5% or greater while “other sugar” is sugar that does not meet the definition of refined sugar. The CV agreement caps exports of refined sugar at 53% of total exports from Mexico.

FDA Food Facility Registration Renewal

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Cargo Systems Messaging Service. (n.d.). Retrieved December 1, 2014, from CSMS# 14-000618 – FDA Food Facility Registration Renewal

“If you have already renewed, thank you and disregard this notice.”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signed into law on January 4, 2011, enables FDA to better protect public health by strengthening the food safety system. Among many other changes, FSMA amended Section 415 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act (FD&C Act) [21 U.S.C. § 350D], which requires domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack or hold food for human or animal consumption in the U.S. to register with FDA. Under FSMA, all food facilities that are required to register with FDA under Section 415 of the FD&C Act must renew their registrations with FDA, every other year, during the period of time beginning on October 1 and ending on December 31 of each even-numbered year.

Beginning on January 1, 2015, if a foreign food facility is required to register with FDA, but fails to do so, food from that facility that is being imported or offered for import into the U.S. is subject to be held under Section 801(l) of the FD&C Act. Food Facility Registrations (FFR) that are not renewed by December 31, 2014 will be subject to invalidation of registration and could result in food shipments manufactured by those facilities without valid registrations to be held at the port upon arrival in the U.S. As a result, FDA encourages import brokers who file prior notices for food shipments take proactive action and contact clients with high-volume food shipments, inquire about the FSMA food facility registration renewal status of foreign manufacturing facilities associated to their shipment, and confirm any new registration numbers. Doing so could greatly mitigate any prior notice shipment delays related to registration on or after January 1, 2015.

For more information on the FDA food facility registration requirement, see FDA’s website at: For assistance with registration issues contact FDA Industry Systems Help Desk at 800-216-7331 or 301-575-0156. For assistance via email, utilize the form on FDA’s website

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