Board of Directors



Preside at all meetings of the Association and Board and perform the duties and exercise
the authority usually pertaining to this office, including the appointment of all committees,
except as outlined in Article XI, Section 1 (a) of our By-Laws, and cast the deciding vote
in a case of a tie.


Enrique Gonzalez
(956) 725-9251

Past President

Sonia Villareal
(956) 693-2830

Past Presidents
Daniel Hastings Jr 1980-1986
John McKeown 1987-1988
Rocki Bruni 1989-1990
Federico Zuniga 1991-1992
Hector Farias 1993-1995
Erin Yeary 1996-1997 First female president
Arturo Dominguez 1998-1999
Lupita Canales 2000-2001
Rodolfo Delgado 2002-2005
Carlo Menchaca 2006-2007
Rafael Orduna 2007-2009
Jose D. Gonzalez 2009-2011
Victor Gonzalez 2012-2013


Vice President
During the President absence, his duties shall fall upon the Vice President.

Raul S. Villarreal
(956) 790-0010

Will keep minutes of all meetings, and he shall perform all other duties usually
pertaining to this office.

Monica Salinas
(956) 712-0133

Shall keep an account of all dues and assessments or other monies received by him
and the payment of the bills. The Treasurer shall make a financial report at the
Annual Meeting and at such other meetings as the President shall request, and he
shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to this office.

Oscar Fernandez
(956) 723-6385 Ext. 129

Board Members

Rodolfo Delgado

Alma R. Carrillo-Garza
(956) 722-3921

Bo Burge
(956) 723-4826

 Area 8 Representative NCBFAA

Jose D. Gonzalez
(956) 728-7636

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